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Discuss all things regarding Newcastle's newest sauna for gay and bi-sexual men.

by Newsexyguy
is anyone going today?

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by John Atkinson
Going on the 11 round 11:30
I'm 44 looking for a bit of fun and laff :)*

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by Matthew
Tuesday 12 November
Hi guys all male flight crew looking to visit on 12th November as we've got a night stop in Newcastle - so hope to see lots of guys there as I've recommended the place to them xx

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by Paul1989
Secret sex!
Hi can any tell me if it gets busy on saturday afternoons about 3ish and how guys end up having sex through the glory holes? Do you have to meet first before you go in or can you just wait in the cubicle till you get a nice surprise popping through the hole? Thinking about going the day but want to know if there will be many guys there, can anyone help x

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by young_gay_lad94
Friday 15th - new to this!
Hi everyone! I am looking to come to number 52 on Fri 15th at around midday (is it a decent level of busy then..?) and was hoping for someone to help me - I have never done this kind of thing before so am quite nervous! Generally into older men but all ages are fine! I am 6ft, brown hair, blue eyes, smooth and have been told cute. I'm 19. Replies would be massively appreciated! Thanks :) p.s. just to warn - not looking to go all the way the first time, just messing around,. Might lead to something else though... ;)

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by bimarried
saturday morning
I know the place is open 24 hours over the weekend so was wondering if many people went on around 9am on Saturdays? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and going for the first time...

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by Ty
Newcomer to the sauna
Hey there, probably coming down on Monday (11th) to see what all the hype is about. Not looking for anything in particular except to have a good time. Ex-pro superbike racer quit due to crash scare. Full time guitar teacher. If anyone wants to have a bit of a laugh and hang out let me know! 23 years old.

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by Wonderfulwilson
First time!
Im going to head in today between 11 and 12 and was wondering whether their will be anyone looking for some fun to break me in slowly with it being my first time ;) 23, slim build, good looking and packing heat. Never been with a man before so someone who is comfortable with a newbie would be prefered.

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by topboy89
8.10.13 friday fun
hi is any one going to be around Friday dinner time looking to have fun 24yo medium build top lad looking for bottom to fuck in swing or to have fun in cinema room ?

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by DAN88X
Billingham fun?
Any guys wanna come to Billingham n get their cock sucked (protected)? Will let you cum on me too :)

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by brian
talk dirty to me, lets fuck chat.
Wednesday 6th Nov at 11.05 pm. Lets get off x

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by Newsexyguy
new guy wanting to visit
hi there, i am a new guy wanting to go but can someone give me any idea as to when is the best time, during the day, evening or weekend i was thinking of going on sunday afternoon or Monday anyone got any thoughts on these times,

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My partner and I were there yesterday for the first time and found the welcome from the staff was great and during our tour were more that impressedby what we saw. We found an ideal mix of guys of all ages and had a great time due to the friendle staff and the relaxed guys we met . Newcastle has a great gay catchment area so its great that at last we all have a special places for relaxation and fun,sorry FUN.Thanks everybody for a great visit

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