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Discuss all things regarding Newcastle's newest sauna for gay and bi-sexual men.

by Bicurious30
Monday anyone??
Going tomorrow anyone going to be there to teach a newbie?

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by Dofin
First time!
Hey guys, Looking to go to this place for the first time. I'm 22 so I'm just wondering if when would be the best time of the day to catch guys around my age group, or is it really just a random thing?

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by ginga1uva
sunday male
any one a bit nervey of going in and what to do need a helping hand ? can meet up on sunday morning and help you get through the door. leave a msg guys

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by Soldierboy5
Wen is the best day to come? I want to be there when thers loads of hot older men and i can get gangbanged off everyone lol whoever goes all the time let me know wens te best day please xx

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by Bicurious30
Wanting to try
Hi, I'm very curious about trying it with another guy, getting naked, wanking maybe sucking. Anyone in tomorrow (thursday 20) to help me?

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by blackstocking
any smooth guy or crossdresser up for fun tonight, leave details
i would lideally like to meet a crossdresser or a very smooth guy for fun

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by pauljobling
all night fun next week
i will be coming down on friday and staying over all night in the sauna any takers

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by curious
any 1 18-30 wana meet outside of sauna where we can have fun?

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by shycramguy
hood n cuffs
Anyone into having someone hooded n tied up? Done it a few times before, leader to please, in sauna or out, leave me a message

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by l33
why is it always people wanting to go but are shy??????
all i seem to be reading is im scared to go, but want to meet for a coffeee to relax my nerves for fook sake no one jumps on any one in the sauna , get to grip and grow up its an adult place where adults go, lately it seems like nothing but very immature screaming teenagers running around putting people off there relaxing time and yet its free for under 25's mon tue and wednesday its always aimed at the younger age, when do the full paying members get in for free on another day or night as we older ones are subsidising the free times for others?????? lets see what others think of this????

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by l33
heavy cummers and repeaters wanted
HI guys i have one regular guy who shoots lots of cum over me im looking for another heavy cummer or cummers or repater maybe 1,2,3,4 guys to join in with us in a room and just shoot your load or loads all over me i prefer older guys 50+ i have nice cock so im told this tuesday 11th september we will be in just after 6pm. JUST GOOD OLD FUN .

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by grahamwphss
10.9.12 some time this week
hi i was think of go Saturday (15.9.12) hop to hav much fun as i can with people round 18-29 let me know if it go to be besy on saturday

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My partner and I were there yesterday for the first time and found the welcome from the staff was great and during our tour were more that impressedby what we saw. We found an ideal mix of guys of all ages and had a great time due to the friendle staff and the relaxed guys we met . Newcastle has a great gay catchment area so its great that at last we all have a special places for relaxation and fun,sorry FUN.Thanks everybody for a great visit

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