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    Had fun yesterday, got topped briefly then topped a guy in a jockstrap. If you saw me I have shaggy hair and a beard, slender body. Went to the upstairs sling room and sadly had a blowjob from hell-the dude had no idea what he was doing and it felt like getting a blowjob from a shark-teeth and all. Completely turned me off and couldn’t fully enjoy my night after. Just a tip for anyone trying to get someone off, lips over teeth always. I don’t need your gnashers scraping my dick. Other than that I had fun, but I’m avoiding that one guy altogether. Also had one pushy guy come up to me which I’m not into. Anyone else have experiences like that?


    Think I saw you that night, was only there 4 a few hours, haven’t had anyone that pushy yet, tried to get together with one guy, he said no so I left him altogether, if someone says no then that should be that to be honest


    Hi was here alot of years ago now, was topped but guy got annoyed when i asked to use protection, and did reluctantly then flung it to bin after in a temper, though enjoyed i felt bad for him, can i still come here to be done and leave safely?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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