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    Thought I would share a story with you regarding a trip here before the first lockdown back in March 2020.

    Having been to this venue before I’m still cautious as to who is looking me up and down when I’m in the various parts of the building – but on this occasion I was caught of guard!

    Having wondered down the stairs from the cinema room there was a guy following on behind me whom I had seen before. I went into one of the private rooms to see what Porn was playing and lone behold he followed me in.

    As I proceeded to leave the towel was unwrapped to reveal a rather large erect dick. Naturally there was only one thing yo do – close the door and get down on my hands and knees.

    I started sucking until the guy shot his load in my mouth. What an experience as the chap was very good looking. He left the room and I then shut the door to proceed to have what was the wank of my life about what had just happened.

    Hopefully the same thing will happen when it re opens and I have no doubt that the queue will be rather large

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