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    Well definitely wasn’t disappointed with my first ever visit.

    I stood outside for a little bit contemplating if I should go in or not, then I decided to just bite the bullet and go in thru the mysterious grey doors. Once in I was completely fine. Felt a bit lost as the place as the place has multiple stories. Started off with a shower and went into the jacuzzi. Then made my way up the stairs where I found the dry sauna, so decided to go in. A few moments later I was joined by a gent, we both showed interest to each other as our dicks grew hard. He then proceeded to suck me off right there and then, another few moments later another gentleman joined us in the sauna, he watched as we both kissed and sucked each other off.

    Then I got taken to a side room with a padded hip high table or you can call it a mattress haha. Then the gent closed the door and the fun began, kissing, licking, sucking and then he slid his dick deep in me. We finished up and he offered to show me around. I then went exploring and found another really fit man with a rock hard cock waiting in the upstairs “voyer” room. He ushered me in to the dark small room and closed the door, he also sucked my cock and I returned the favour. Then bang I got bent over and let him rim me, he slipped on a condom and his cock slid right into my tight hole. He then came and left without saying a word. That was hot.
    I grabbed a shower and went back into the sauna. And ended up having fun with another great man.

    It was just what I needed. I even felt really welcome and safe. Definitely will he coming back real soon for more !

    Thank you to the guys for the fun 😉


    Sounds hot af. I’m really nervous to go as I’m not the best built person so would feel a bit awkward that no one would want to have fun with me 😢


    Keiran: I’m not the best built guy and went today as a newbie! Was brilliant and fun! Defo be better with friends or a nighttime


    What the hell my first visit was just filled with nerves and fear and no fun other than what was arranged prior!! Sounds amazing! Good for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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