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    Hi, planning to visit for the first time. I am married and in my early 50’s and have never done anything like this before. Don’t want attend when it is to busy. Best time for me would be a Wednesday or Friday afternoon. Who would I find here, and what type of experience could I have




    Hi Keith, I too am married, a little older than you in my early 60s.
    My wife is going away in August so I am planning a trip up to 52. I will be going daytime and probably on a wednesday. I have been once before about 2 years ago and enjoyed it. I am looking forward to going again.
    If you are interested we could meet up and go together, see how things progress. If you use kik my name on there is raksting, give me a shout on there and we can make arrangements.



    Thanks for the offer, but I probably try to visit before the end of the month

    What I would like to know is how busy it is on a week day, before 4pm. Would I have any opportunity to get some action.

    Any help would be appreciated and rewarded



    Are you into younger guys im 26 6’2” and 7 inch



    What’s not to like? Are you offer to help?



    I remember my first tome at 52, my mouth and arse got rattled by loads of huge cocks, I’m bi and I love my arse getting fucked especially by more than one at a time. I’m planning on going again next Saturday morning-afternoon 20th to see how many cocks want to fuck my tight hole again and to see how much spunk I can get up my arse and down my throat, basically just to get drenched in cum, my 8” cock is getting hard just thinking about it oh I can’t wait to be filled 😍

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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