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    Andrew Baker

    If you’re going for the first time then don’t be nervous there is nothing to be nervous about!
    I want for my first time last month on a Wednesday around 1-3pm it wasn’t too busy but there was lots of cocks.

    I walked around for a good 20 mins getting familiar with the place, I had a shower, sat in the jacuzzi and was joined by a really tall big guy who wasn’t my type, he tried to play with me using his deet and I politely declined and left the jacuzzi.

    I went upstairs to find the glory hole section and a we’ll built bloke who took me upstairs to the beds and pushed me down on them to start sucking my cock. He got on and we were in he 69 position but embarrassingly he couldn’t get hard so I suggested he came back to me later.
    I went back to the glory hole room and found another oldish man with a really hard cock, he was stood there jerking off and I slowly walked over and brushed my hand over it while I walked past and sat on the beds to the left of the room, he came over, removed my towel to reveal my hung, hard cock and started sucking.
    Before I knew it I had 5 men stood round me, jerking off, rubbing my young body, kissing me, all trying to get a piece of my cock. I was jerking them off from every corner and was about to cum at any moment. This was too early in the experience so I stopped and stood up from the bed and walked away.

    I found a guy similar age to me who was really nice and helpful, talked to me about the experience and told he me saw me on the bed getting sucked off, I told him that he should have joined in! He said he would prefer to give me a private show. I was in luck!

    He took me to a private room with porn on and I sat on the bed and he removed my towel and gave me the best blow job ive ever had, I will never receive better I’m sure! Then he asked if I was a bottom which unfortunately I’m not. He was fine with this and eventually let me slowly fuck his tight arse.
    I had the best sex fucking his tight arse, sucking his big cock and him sucking mine, I finished over his face with him licking it off my cock and swallowing most of it.

    We then went to the shower and got cleaned up and he talked to me as I got dressed and left. I’m regretting not exchanging numbers now as I wish I kept in contact.

    I can’t wait to go back to Sauna 52.
    Don’t be nervous!


    Hey Andrew, great story! Thanks for sharing.
    Would you like to meet up there tomorrow??
    My kik is DanAsh0

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