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    I visited the sauna last Wednesday (27/10/21) at around 5pm for an hour or so. It was the first time I’d visited & only the second sauna experience I’ve had (having previously visited Sweatbox in Soho, London).

    I was fairly nervous as I’m not out and it took me a few minutes of building up courage as I approached the street. I was also concerned as I’m of a larger build and my previous visit to a sauna in London left me receiving cold shoulders in every place except the gloryholes.

    I scurried into the front door whilst Scotswood Rd was devoid of any cars or pedestrians and was met at the front desk by a young friendly guy who asked if I was a member & if I had been before, before clarifying that I understood this was a gay/bisexual mens sauna. I paid my fee and was handed my locker key & towel and pushed through the entrance door to find the changing area & hot tub in the background. A few guys were walking around in towels, some were daring to bare & I obviously had a good look at what they were packing.

    I undressed and took a few seconds to stand totally naked while people walked around me. I didn’t look but it was obvious they were also checking me out. I tied my towel round my waist and headed upstairs to explore. I went up to the first floor and heard some very loud porn being played in the smaller cinema room – some nice TS porn was shown on the big screen while I watched two guys thoroughly enjoying it together – giving eachother a ‘hand’. I continued exploring and headed up to the top floor and found myself in the main cinema room where two guys were enjoying eachother – one guy giving a slow and sensual blowjob and the other being very vocal in his approval.

    I sat down to enjoy both the gay porn on the big screen as well as the live show the two guys were putting on as other spectators came and went. Once the couple were ‘finished’ I sat to watch the porn while slowly playing with myself. A couple more guys came in & one of them sat behind me and gently brushed my shoulder. I turned to find his towel open and his shaved fat dick eye level when I turned.

    I did what any polite person would do and gave him a blowjob until he loudly finished in my mouth – much to the approval of the couple of spectators we had gathered.

    I went for a walk around and watched a few guys having sex in some of the dark areas, standing around with the other spectators sorting ourselves out while we watched. I ended up back at the smaller porn booth by myself enjoying some bisexual cuckold porn, seeing a slutty porn starlet getting obliterated by a BBC before her ‘partner’ took the BBC in his mouth to climax. During this time a nice Asian lad came to join me and indulged me in some nipple play and a little bit of oral.

    I headed down to the hot tub and relaxed in there for about 15 minutes before heading into a shower. I could see a blowjob going on in one of the smaller booths so slowly stroked myself while watching – eventually attracting the attention of an older guy who joined me in the shower next to me before giving my hand a rest and blowing me. We took things into one of the small booths next to the shower area so that he could finish me off to an explosive climax.

    I headed back into the shower totally wobbly legged and spent. I washed myself down, got dressed and left.

    Overall very positive experience. I’ll definitely come back. Facilities extremely clean, very well kept. Atmosphere great. Definitely a slightly older crowd but that might have just been the time I had chosen to visit.


    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to read, I’ve never been and keep bottling out near the door, it’s great to read exactly how it went for you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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