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    Looking to visit a sauna for first time once the saunas re-open. Was wondering how I should go about showing my position/role (bottom).
    Also if there are any decent priced hotels nearby as I would be visiting from Manchester.


    Hey, I’m a bottom too and go to the sauna regularly, normally I’ll sit in the sling for lads to fuck me, or I’ll be bent over in a private room so they can see I’m a bottom, some guys lie on their front in the rooms which is also a signal that you’re a bottom and want fucked.

    There is a hotel literally over the road from the sauna, the Jury’s Inn


    Hi Vxrpxl, Nice pic,

    The sauna have small, hotel like rooms, you can hire. Totally separate from the numerous, free, small private rooms which are available for use for anything from a few mins to hours
    You can view the hotel like rooms on the website I should be going on Sat 24th or Sat 31st


    I would also really like to go but am really nervous. I know there are quite a few older guys so when would be best to go and see maybe younger guys. im not totally confident with my body either so just don’t wanna feel embarrassed


    I would say the younger guys will come in after the pubs n clubs kick out, usually 1-3 am


    vxprxl i couldnt log back in with my old profile, hence the same pic here as gayskydiver. Hopefully you saw my reply about, no need for a hotel, youd prob be up all night like everyone else, and get the train back to manc in the morning but the sauna does have a few nice rooms , check the pics on website , if you didnt manage to
    ps ” PXL ” sounds good, even if its not what i think it is, haha 😛


    Of course, as you are in Manc, they have a very good sauna too, but Newc is closer to me and at present the manc sauna doesnt have any up to date info at all !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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