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    I came in one Saturday just got stripped put my band around my ankle then I noticed a middle aged male eyeing me up so I headed up the stairs and he started to follow me,
    I went into the first floor where you go up a couple of stairs where the gloryholes are at that’s where he started sucking my cock.
    He was deepthroating me hard and fast, so I pulled my cock away and walked down the stairs to that big cushion thing is (don’t know what it’s actually called) there’s when he shoved his huge cock into my mouth ramming it to the back of my throat, then he turned me around bent me over and rammed his big cock straight up my arse which made me moan a lot which caught the attention of a few others that came to see me getting fucked, within a blink of an eye I had another cock shoved into my mouth and I was sucking his cock the other guy pulled out and spunked over my arse within seconds there was another slipper his cock into me and started pounding me. I then got rolled onto my back and got fucked good and hard. I ended up taking 4 cocks up me one after the other and a guy emptying his load into my mouth then I shot my load all over myself.
    I want to come in this afternoon to try my next experience which is having 2 cocks up me at the same time and maybe even have one in my mouth as well.
    Let me know if anyone is willing to help me!


    Lucky Lad, that pretty much sums up my sexual fantasy
    What day and time was this ?


    Mmmm that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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