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    Thought I would share a story regarding my first experience of my time at No 52.

    Being new to this whole thing, you will understand how nervous I was at what could happen here. I have read that if you say ‘No’ that other guys are generally fine with it – and to my amazement this had to happen a few times.

    Having been wandering around the place, there wasn’t much going on so I ended up chatting to a chap who was really tall who felt the same about just how quiet the place was. After our conversation ended I walked up the stairs to the cinema room to sit myself down. After a while I left as I was approached and I felt rather uncomfortable about it so got up to leave. In the private rooms on the same floor I spotted the same chap I had had a conversation with earlier standing at one of the doors.

    I went in to lie on the bed and from this we got chatting some more. He proceeded to tell me who was who and where to hang out etc. I think he could tell that I was nervous, which I can only presume is a good thing.

    The door was then shut at this point so that it made it look like something was happening. I proceeded to tell him if he wouldn’t mind that I played with myself while watching the porn on the tv – he obliged and he was even more happy when I offered to give him a blowjob.

    Wow is all I will say on that front until I shot my load. I have since seen him a few times in the passing, all before lockdown of course but I hope that when it does re open I’ll be able to see him in there again.

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