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    20 year old who’s never been to this before but very experienced with guys and meets. Definitely will be coming once reopened.
    Just wondering if someone could explain the etiquette and rules of approaching guys inside. Just don’t want to be embarrassed haha.
    Also are there many average size – above average guys??


    21 here if you want to talk add me on kik – akj3199


    Basically you turn up get given a key for a locker and get undressed and shower. You’re given a towel to wear or you can go naked if high want.
    There is a steam room and hot tub downstairs to chill in. Upstairs there are a number of private rooms and a dark room/group sex area with gloryholes and a sling. There’s also a porn cinema and number of private rooms. Basically if you see someone you’re interested in make eye contact or touch them etc follow them into a room or what ever. If they aren’t interested they’ll usually tell you or walk away don’t take it personally and likewise don’t be afraid to knock someone back if you’re not into them. Be prepared on any visit you will knock someone back and you’ll also get knocked back, just love on to the next guy ha. The sauna is very fun we go as a group and always have a good night. Saturday nights are best


    You’ll be alright mate. I was so nervous my first time but felt at ease very quickly.

    Can’t wait until the place reopens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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