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    Going to a gay sauna can be a daunting experience the first time and there doesn’t seem to be much information to let a new guy know what to expect. I can only give you my own experience and opinions; other’s will be different or they may disagree. Maybe its better to go with a friend your first time, but not essential. If you are interested in older guys, then daytime is probably best (lunchtime and early afternoon). If you want to meet younger guys then evenings after work are probably better. There are gay cruising sites where this sauna is listed and you can often hook up with a like-minded lad for your first time together.

    When you enter the outside door, you will be admitted through another locked door. Staff will take your entry fee, give you a towel and a numbered locker key which you wear around your ankle or wrist with an elastic band. You undress and store your clothes in a locker then wrap your towel around your waist. You walk around barefoot or you can use flip flops. Ask the staff to show you around. On the ground floor is a cafe, showers, toilet, steam room and jacuzzi (plus access to a smoking area outside). On the first floor there is the dry sauna, shower, toilet, 3 private cabins and a relaxation lounge. On the top floor there is a porn cinema, a couple of glory hole cabins, a sling room and three further private cabins. Condoms and lube are available in all rooms.

    Have a shower first – no-one wants to get close to a badly smelling person. Take your time. Walk around and get a feel for the place. Try not to gossip in a loud voice as it discourages the horny atmosphere (apart from the cafe and lounge of course). Spend time in the steam room, sauna or jacuzzi first as it is often here where contact is made with someone else. A smile can sometimes work wonders as can a bit of eye contact! There are almost certainly going to be other guys there as nervous as you. Unless I am very much mistaken you will soon begin to feel comfortable and discover someone else with whom to spend some private time. The more uninhibited ones are happy to play publicly and you are normally free to watch. Good Luck, and you will soon be hooked on the experience. Any questions, you can find my profile on with the same username and send me a message.


    ………….one last thing. Remember – you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, or that you are uncomfortable with. If you don’t want to respond to someone’s advances just say “No thank you” politely.


    I would like to add something, all the pushy people that come here or anywhere even ‘no’ means no. its not a game of playing hard to get.


    Sound amazing, really want to go


    Do u have to be thin or with a six pack to go in.cause I’m a bit chubby..

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