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    Any good hot stories from when at 52? I’m horny as you can probably tell…


    Before lockdown 1 (lol) I had a pretty great time. I went in as usual changed, showered and went to the steam room, then the usual walk about commenced. After a while I discover the voyeur area. I thought hmm this is new. Had a look and walked out. Watched some porn and sucked a few cocks but then headed back to the voyeur area, I went into one of the rooms and all I did was lean against a bed. Just to relax. Few mins later I feel my towel being tugged and dropping to the floor followed by my back being rubbed and my arse being probed by this long finger. I instantly start moaning with pleasure, I don’t know who this guy is and I don’t care lol. I feel him working me wider and wider with his fingers. Then the familiar cold feeling of lube going on my hole, then I hear the condom packet being opened and see it flung next to my head. He eases his cock inside me and takes it easy slowly fucking me. I become aware that someone is watching us I lift my head and look around, there’s an older grey haired guy stood at the door, his head peering round the door that is slightly ajar. The guy who is inside me looks at him and says he’s yours next. I’m like erm scuse me? The guy now picks up pace and shoves himself hard into me as I feel him shoot inside the condom, he pulls out slaps my butt and leaves, the Man at the door then comes in behind me and I feel his towel at my feet then he says “all ready for me I see” and without a seconds thought he slips straight inside my freshly fucked ass. It’s then i realise there’s no condom on him, fuck! But boy can this guy fuck! He takes it nearly all the way out the throws himself back in, my legs are like jelly, he grabs my hips and starts going for all his worth, his ballad hitting mine, he’s going so deep it’s tingling I moan louder than I have in a long time. He asks me where he should cum. At this point I’m to enthralled to care. And he picks up the pace and bang I feel his load hit my insides. My legs gave way and he left.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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