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    Decided to check this place out, more on why later, I turned up, got undressed and everything and began exploring, starting at the top and working my way down.

    Hung out in the sauna for a little bit before relaxing in the cinema. A guy sits beside me and starts sucking me off, I feel really unsure but I let him continue, a few other guys were peeking to see the action. After about 10 minutes he grabs my hand, pulls me up and says “Let’s go to the rooms”, I follow and we go into this dark room, he shuts the door and I stand thinking….what do you want me to do?

    He turns me around, tells me to bend over, so I do then suddenly, BOOM, he’s ramming his cock up my ass, I don’t know whether to enjoy it or fear it, so I slightly do both.
    Having never done this before, I was super tight and he struggled to get in but did eventually. After a good 5 minute pounding, we both finished and showered then I got dressed and left.

    I still feel unsure about what I have just done, as I’m not gay, just wanted to experience being fucked in the ass. I may come again if I’m feeling horny enough, and I’d like to try other positions, maybe invite more than just one guy, I think my hole was begging for more. We’ll see



    You around tomorrow evening?


    mackemlad73 –

    Would love to help you out if you need another cock in yr ass – ill take seconds too


    Brenda Adams

    Well got to say after read that, I cannot wait come and have a look around at Sauna52. Sounds like a fun place !!


    mackemlad73 –

    Let me know when you do Brenda – ill use your holes for you



    Hi Anonymous – Speaking as someone with a very similar experience to you the first time is full of mixed emotions. I was bi curious the first time I visited (I did not think of myself as being gay and had never done anything like that before), on that occasion I sucked my first cock and and I liked it! This was enough for me to visit again to see if I could take things to the next level, like you, I wanted to experience being ass fucked. On my next visit I met a wonderful man in the cinema room who led me to a private room, knowing it was my first time he was gentle and guided me through a series of positions but by the end I had him fucking my ass hard and deep. After I left that second visit my head was all over the place, had I just done what I had? did this mean I was gay after all? In the end I made the decision to go back for a further visit and it was the best thing I ever did. I have been back many times since the day I lost my anal virginity and have now come to terms with being bisexual as I just love to bottom – I’m turned on at the very thought of having someone pounding their cock deep inside of me.

    You need to decide if it is right for you, perhaps a second visit could be the decider for you as it was for me – you have come this far, do not let your mind get the better of your emotions, if you were born to ride cock then go for it girl 😉

    Love x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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