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    I met a couple off Grindr on Sunday gone at their hotel room and they give me such a fucking it was a shame I only had an hour but it felt good having a fat cock up my tight arse and the other one in my mouth. My arse got pumped full of cum then I took a shower then had to leave as I was only on my lunch break… what an experience it was….


    Lucky bastard! 😛
    Im vers, but usually lean more on the top side, but I have to say recently I have been really ready to just get fucking pounded. As soon as I think about it too, I get rock hard and I have to masturbate to get rid of it, no matter where I am. Shopping is really difficult.


    Sounds great! Wish 52 could open soon. Borris may not want a cock up his arse but loads of guys do.


    I’m with SteveD! Count me as one of them!!


    Lucky you Kev. Where did you find them for a meet?


    That’s so what I want! I want two cocks inside me filing my mouth and arse!


    I downloaded the Grindr app and made arrangements to meet at their hotel room and I went there and got fucked…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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