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    So just before Easter I decided to take the plunge and take a trip to Number 52, after wanting to for months. After pacing up and down the street building up courage to go in, I eventually did and I’m pleased I did.

    The fella who served me was spot on, decent bloke who talked me through everything and made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I was given my key and my towel and headed through to get changed. I made sure not to go at a busy time with it being my first, but there were still a good few guys there of all different ages and types. I got undressed and began to wander around, just exploring the place really.

    I’m a closeted lad who’s never really had gay friends, so seeing this many gay people all in one place was a tad surreal. I struck up a few conversations with guys in the jacuzzi, and was really enjoying myself.

    Ventured upstairs and found an empty booth showing porn. I sat and wanked to that for a bit trying to work up the courage to go in the dark room. I did, and the glory holes in there immediately piqued my interest. I hung around one for a few seconds before a guy walked around and stuck his fucking massive cock through, and I sucked him with everything I had. After about ten minutes I was rewarded for my efforts with his load down my throat, as I went and sat on this circular couch thing in the middle of the room. I ended up surrounded by guys, as I lay on my back and worked cocks with my mouth and hands. I felt a tongue go up into my ass, and it wasn’t long before I heard a condom packet rip. The guy began to fuck me as I was sucking another bloke off, fulflling a long held fantasy of mine. Another guy came over and tried to suck me off but I couldn’t hold it, and came all over his face. I continued to srvice the two ccks inside me until I was covered in their spunk, and I lay there for a few minutes trying to process what just happened.

    I’ll definitely be back to this place. Somewhere I can be as gay and as slutty as I fancy. If there’s anyone reading this who’s caught in two minds whether to go, just do it. You’ll definitely not regret it.


    Hey man I’m 21 year old discreet guy, been to sauna a couple times, but would love to make a pal I can go to sauna with with more message me if ur interested


    Hey add my snap if urs wanna chat about it I’ve been b4.
    Wee hee 25 no spaces thanks x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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