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    I visited today for my first time around 12:30, I’m 19 and it was a little intimidating on first arrival, but the staff on the counter were lovely, then after getting changed down into my towel(and catching a few glances), a man in the jacuzzi room approached me and asked if I’d like a tour. He showed me around everywhere leading up to the dark room on the third floor, we ended my tour in one of the dark rooms where he rubbed on my body and began sucking my cock. It was amazing, I came in minutes and was offered a rimming but I decided to return back to the jacuzzi. The water was so relaxing, I had a stroke on the water and really loved being touched by the other men in the pool.

    Overall, great visit I’ll definitely be back sometime in the near future, maybe to cum a few times in one of the cinema rooms who knows might even decide to bounce on some cock, thank your sauna 52!


    Sounds like you had a blast .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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