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    I will be in Newcastle on Wednesday and Thursday and would love to come as I have never done this before and starting to become quite curiou. Would love to ease in slowly. I am a chubby guy
    40 and never done this before. Any advice?



    I was in the same boat as you, and still am, I’ve only been once. When you turn up, tell the staff it’s your first time, they offered me a little bit of guidance. Once I got in, I found a guy standing by himself beside the changing room, I mentioned it was my first time and he guided me around the place, showed me all the rooms and…what they’re used for…… After that, I went into the sauna and chatted with some dude in there until I felt more comfortable.

    Don’t be pushy, as in, don’t jump into it, I read a few topics on here first to gain a little bit of insite and a few people mentioned they felt as some people were in a rush. Take it slow, you’ll see the signs when someone is interested in you, just..don’t be afraid to…hang out



    Thanks mate. Now that I am here I am really nervous. May pass it tonight. Will have to have a little drink before hand. The issue is that this will be my first experience!!!

    Would prefer to go with someone.

    Really think I will be a “voyuer” this time.



    I decided to go and have a look…….got to the door at about 20h03 l….but could not go through.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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